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Hi, I'm Matt Jarrett.

Dad. Husband. Photographer. Cyclist. Senior Software Engineer.

I’m a Senior Software Engineer based in Illinois. Outside of coding and family, I have a passion for photography, cycling, and automotive industry.

I have a life long interest of photography with years of experience photographing weddings, portraits, and more. Recently I’ve enjoyed shooting automotive racing with Formula Drift.

I am an avid cyclist riding as much as I can for my health and enjoyment.

I have an an eight year old daughter and an incredible wife who supports my journey.


“Matt is one of the most humble and professional photographers I have worked with. He is a clear communicator, punctual in person, and delivers on deadlines. What I really enjoy about working with Matt is that he understands the shots that are exciting. He finds the right time to capture the right moments.”

Aurimas “Odi” BakchisProfessional drifter