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Hi, I'm Matt Jarrett.

Dad. Husband. Photographer. Cyclist. Senior Software Engineer.

I’m a Sr. Software Engineer based in Illinois. Outside of coding and family, I have a passion for photography, cycling, and automotive industry.

I have a life long interest of photography with years of experience photographing weddings, portraits, and more. Recently I’ve enjoyed shooting automotive racing with Formula Drift.

I am an avid cyclist riding as much as I can for my health and enjoyment.

I have a young daughter and an incredible wife who supports my journey.


“Matt is one of the most humble and professional photographers I have worked with. He is a clear communicator, punctual in person, and delivers on deadlines. What I really enjoy about working with Matt is that he understands the shots that are exciting. He finds the right time to capture the right moments.”

Aurimas “Odi” BakchisProfessional drifter

“Matt is nothing short of professional and on top of that, he is one of the friendliest guys our entire team has got to know within the drifting community! Matt's work is very evident of how much he loves what he is doing, he captures the action and all the great moments around it. We have admired how he places himself throughout different environments and understands the importance of becoming familiar enough to know what makes a great photo.”

Dan BurkettProfessional drifter